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Please be advised PHTLS has been replaced with the new EPTC Course. 


In order to be eligible for a EPTC Course you need to be :

We no longer promote PHTLS. Although PHTLS has served us well for a number of years it does not fit with the UK model. As a result most are moving to the New European Pre-Trauma Care Course.


        • IHCD qualified Technician
        • HCPC registered Paramedic
        • Registered nurses involved in pre-hospital care
        • Fully registered Medical Practitioners e.g. F2 or above involved in pre-hospital care
        • Currently serving military personnel
        • Emergency services personnel e.g. Fire, Police, Coastguard, where, as part of their duties, they are required to provide advanced emergency care
        • Other registered healthcare professionals involved in pre-hospital care.

Candidates attending the PHTLS course must ensure they are fit and healthy and free of any existing injuries. The course can be quite arduous and is mentally and physically demanding.


EPTC Course content :


          • Scene Safety and Assessment
          • Airway management
          • Rapid Assessment and Extrication
          • Surgical airway/chest decompression
          • Spinal immobilisation
          • The Phases of Trauma Care
          • Critical Thinking
          • Physiology of Shock
          • Anatomy and Pathophysiology of Shock
          • Types of Shock
          • Complications of Shock
          • Blunt Trauma
          • Penetrating Trauma
          • Blast Injury
          • Head Trauma

This list is not exhaustive and is for guidance only.


Successful EPTC course delegates will be able to :



                  • Recognise the seriousness of traumatic injury as a disease, globally, and within the local community
                  • Discuss the responder’s role and responsibilities in injury prevention
                  • Understand the use of baseline determinations
                  • Understand how to carry out a trauma scene assessment
                  • Manage a safe-scene environment from pre to post-incident
                  • Understand the need to maintain manual stabilisation of the patient’s head and spine at all times

EPTC Dates to be advised

European Pre Hospital Trauma Care Course

Please be advised PHTLS is to be replaced with the new European Pre Hospital Trauma Care Course on the  26th – 29th October 2017. This course will fall inline with all UK disciplines and has a faculty from most of the UK agencies. The new trauma course covers all the necessary skills required to work along side the UK Emergency Services. The course is supported by the College of Paramedics, Royal College of Surgeons England, National Ambulance Service Medical Directors and the National Ambulance Resilience Unit. Delegates who attend  the launch will gain an insight into the world of the pre hospital arena and the new evidence based medicine that accompanies the course content. Working along side the Fire, Police and Ambulance Service on the course will give the student that much needed boost of confidence and knowledge to support them in their role in the pre hospital arena.

The medical faculty ran a pilot course in November 2017 to assess the new course content and its suitability. The feed back from the faculty students was great fully received and the comments where very quickly implemented to accommodate their request for change.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our medical faculty students who provide us with a realistic environment to assess the course content.

The course manual is due to go out for consultation late April. After the consultation  period the course will be re evaluated and a course date set.  Please keep an eye on the site to see when our first course will be delivered.



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The new European Pre Hospital Trauma Care Course price and dates are to be advicsed for 2018

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