Fire & Rescue Courses and Training


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Fire & Rescue Courses and Training


A popular course with the Fire & Rescue Services nationally is the PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support) Course accredited via the Royal College of Surgeons (London).

The PHTLS course concentrates on the management of the trapped and injured patient and faciltates multi-agency training. The course is recognised by all the Emergency Services and is now taught in 47 countries world wide ensuring a multi-agency language. The body boasts an international medical faculty who oversee its delivery and content ensuring up to date techniques and information at the time of delivery.

Fire services who have attended the courses in the past at our sister company (Hyperbaric Unit, Murrayfield Hospital) have revisited the course on a regular basis to maintain their skills.

The course is 3 days in duration with an additional day for firefighters to gain medical knowledge prior to the start of the course. This training day is delivered free of charge. ESTC recognises that non-medical personnel may require additional help to achieve their goal.

We also have a confined space rescue facility which is capable of spliting the teams up for closer focus. It can cause disorientation, can be flooded and all the activity can be recorded and played back in class for team debriefing. The down shaft is 35 metres in height and can split into different channels.

We can also provide rope access courses ranging from basic to advanced. The courses are taught by a highly skilled specialist team that have a proven track record nationally. The 35 metre training rig has the ability to stretch the skills of even the most seasoned of rope access teams. Each floor level has its own unique challenges allowing for a diverse learning experience.


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