Police D13 Course and Training

Specialist Firearms officers prepare to storm our Skills House.

Police Courses and Training


The Police Firearms training area has various skills houses which allow reactive training and in particular trauma management.

One of the buildings has been designed as single private dwelling house. It is a 4 bedroom detached furnished house comprising a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, en suites, dining room, loft access and small compartments for assailants to hide. The house has CCTV, heating units to create high thermal working environments, steel floors for the safe use of pyrotechnic charges, extraction fans to remove synthetic smoke and emergency lighting. The ability to record the scenario and play it back in the class room for debriefing is also available on request.

All the houses have the facility to use pyrotechnic charges and perform EMOE (Explosive Method of Entry). The facility to perform hostage rescue training can be carried out in a safe and controlled environment.

Extract the doors and windows, treat the casualties and debrief in a modern environment. The street scenes have a viewing gallery so members of the emergency services can view their teams’s progress.

Thermal lance burning can also be carried out on the hot-house training rig. We can provide the steel bars, I-beams, and large steel structures to suit your training requirements. You can bring your own steel but it is advised that our team arrange delivery thus allowing a trouble free training session.

The centre also provides Trauma Tactical training to a number of Police Forces nationally. The ability to combine trauma training with tactical intervention is something we specialise in. We are also a training provider to North West Ambulance Service, North Wales Police, Merseyside Police, Cheshire Police, Greater Manchester Police and the Ministry Of Defence.


Please telephone for availability of the training rigs : 0151 638 3897


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